Issue 13 Artists

Issue 13 Cover

Glenn ClovisGlenn Clovis is a 3D artist with a passion for space. He grew up influenced by sci-fi art in an artists household where he was challenged to create imaginative graphics.

He is an advanced PhotoShop user with a background in game creation. Nowhere does his inclination to space art come out than in some of his Nebula and Planet art.

He has a growing focus in 3D Modeling.

Glenn lives and works in Portland, Ore.

Rob CaswellRob Caswell grew up with a passion for sci-fi art. He graduated from college with a degree in Astronomy and has since been struggling to return to his artistic roots.

In his career he has worked in various graphic disciplines including illustration for RPGs, comic book lettering, and a host of other mundane graphic tasks.

His first foray into 3D Art came through an exposure to 3D modeling with Specular 3D, TrueSpace, and 3d Studio. He ultimately landed in the Daz 3D world where he has developed a true passion for the medium.

Rob Caswell operates a digital print maker business in Western Massachusetts.

Peter Rex

Peter Rex

Peter Rex grew up in rural Germany and now resides in France with a passion for 3D digital art. He has been impacted by art throughout his lifetime, with early influences from his father who was a talented painter and photographer. Peter took prompt advantage of digital art at the time of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga and has never looked back since. Now with more powerful hardware and software at his disposal we look at some of his work and what has inspired the imagery he has created.

Peter Rex Website
Peter Rex at Cornucopia3D

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