Create 3D Like a Superhero!!

Chipp Walters has just launched his new comic-style book “Create 3D Like a Superhero!”. It teaches how to use e-on’s Vue in creating photo realistic landscapes and vistas, modeling inside vue and broaches interior lighting. It’s a fresh approach on creating 3D artwork and raises the beginner to a good standard in creating detailed vistas in a few steps.
It includes the Vue Pioneer SE software to get you started straight away!

‘Create 3D Like a Superhero’ by Chipp Walters

We interview Chipp in an exclusive interview in the premium edition of the 3D Art Direct Magazine, published tommorow. He talks about working with 3D digital art right at the beginning, working with NASA, Apple and Syd Mead—the visual futurist for movies such as Blade Runner, TRON, 2010 and Short Circuit.

Here’s an interview excerpt and a few images from a wide ranging gallery of Chipp’s work included in the premium magazine:-

CW: On the Mac there were several 3D products. I suppose I mostly used Super3D. I wrote an animation program which could control it, and did some amazing Ingress/Egress animations for NASA showing astronauts climbing in and out of a CERV (Crew Emergency Return Vehicle) which my newly formed design firm, Design Edge, had designed.
CW: The folks at NASA were shocked as their multi-million dollar systems could only do wireframes– and here was this kid showing up with a Mac and shaded animations.
3DAD: Did NASA approach you on this or did you approach them? There must have been quite a small marketplace for such work I imagine?
CW: I formed Design Edge with Rich Haner in the mid 80’s in Houston. NASA was a natural fit at Johnson Space Center. Over the years we did many projects with them, including a complete design and 3D visualization of both the Initial Lunar Module and Initial Mars Habitat. They also built a full scale version of the ILM at Johnson Space Center.
I rendered a Multimedia presentation, complete with 3D views and walkthrough back around the time the word ‘Multimedia’ was starting to be used.
3DAD: Let’s hope that NASA somehow gets the budget they deserve…
CW: NASA is a much different place now than it was when we went to the moon.

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