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Issue 45 3D Art Direct Cover

Read Issue 45 of 3D Art Direct Magazine : 3D Gaming Graphics

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Issue 45 3D Art Direct Cover


72 pages of vivid inspiration

This special issue of 3D Art Direct has a focus on real time 3D graphics in gaming.


3d Art Direct interviews the Art Director at Expansive Worlds about his work on directing the game The Hunter.


“If my math is correct, our current hunting reserves combined would cover an area of a little over 43 square miles in real life. The world map as a whole is 1024 (32 by 32) square kilometres, or 636 square miles. In theory we could have only one hunting reserve without any borders, covering all that map space, rather than several smaller ones. But of course there are many practical and technical reasons why we choose to break the world up into smaller pieces.”


3d Art Direct talks to Arthmoor, from the massive Unique Landscapes mod project for Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.


“I am currently doing programming, Quality Assurance, and some level design for the Windows PC game Witanlore: Dreamtime.… Read the rest

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ZBrush®, the tool that changed the GAME

As both an enthusiastic gamer and a digital artist I follow closely both the hardware and tool innovations that happen in the computer and digital art worlds.

The digital entertainment business is a huge and varied one, yet, there’s many tools that are used all across the board, whether it’s creating gaming content, working on the next blockbuster movie or just making high-quality 3D content for the masses (as I do).


Among all of them, there’s one that really stands out as game-changing (pun intended): ZBrush®.

ZBrush® is perhaps the program that had the strongest impact on the 3D digital entertainment world since its release in the early 2000, although it did take a few years for it to become a full-fledged application.

Pixologic®’s tool allows artists (both modelers and texturers alike) to go beyond the limits set by hardware and gaming engines, adding details that wouldn’t otherwise be achievable.

trees tattoes hearttreesorchard2
I started using ZBrush® since version 2, back then, compatibility was still a bit of an issue. ZBrush® could interface easily enough with higher-end tools, such as Maya, which has always been a major one in the pipelines of game-developing studios, but people like me, that had to import their final content in Poser, for example, had to jump through some hoops, sometimes fiery ones.… Read the rest

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The Best Game 3D Artwork in 2013

As a medium videogames have in recent years officially earner the status of Art, this may sound pretty straightforward to many passionate gamers that have grown up playing iconic characters, intense stories and wandering wonderful worlds.

As gamers we all have fond memories of the first games we played, we have favourite characters, stories and places, just as we may have in regards to movies, books, music or paintings.

A piece of art should convey emotions and feelings and this is something games are very good at, in fact, being an interactive media that involves the consumer, they may even be particularly good at it.

While the debate is still going on the matter, even within the industry itself, the European Union officially recognized them having cultural importance back in 2008, while the US made a similar move in May 2011, when the National Endowment for the Arts (that funds artistic projects) decided to accept them under the “Arts in Media”.

In 2012 the Smithsonian Museum was the first to host “The Art of Videogames” event that is now touring the US. Currently you can find it at the EMP museum in Seattle until May 12th.

It will take time for the public at large to really see and accept videogames as art, but that’s what usually happens to new media and forms of art.… Read the rest

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