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Interview with Peter Rex

Peter Rex, an outstanding 3D digital artist that regulalry publishes his work in the Cornucopia 3D and Renderosity galleries, shares his insights and inspirations about his images in our premium content magazine, in our artist interview. Here are a few of his noteworthy creations:-

Our premium content magazine is scheduled to be published later this month.… Read the rest

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Meta – the girl in the silver suit

Meta – the girl in the silver suit

Our first free mini mag was published yesterday and the front cover features the gorgeous “Meta”, a fictional character belonging to a futuristic organisation called PLANSURV. The mini mag features some 3D digital artworks illustrating her story. The premium issue will include additonal art of her adventures.

Her task is to rediscover habitable planets that have been severed from contact due to a series of internal bickerings and wars amongst humanity. The remanents of any societies left on these planets are sure to be difficult to deal with and it’s her job to reconnect these societies back into the League of Planets.

The Meta model is using Poser (Smith-Micro) version 7, featuring Victoria 4 with Ynes (3rd degree) that makes the Victoria model even more curvy. Our premium issue (to be published soon) will feature a complete list of all the models and software used in our digital art with hotlinks to get these and download them for yourselves.

Read the rest

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3D Art Direct Poster Store category ideas welcome

At our poster store at www.3dartdirect.com we have set up six initial categories, with some snazzy category images to indicate the type of artwork under each:-

Heroines & Heroes
Sci-fi Zone
Creature Park
Fantasy Worlds
Landscapes Collection

We would love to hear from you and know what categories you would like to see, or think that could be missing!… Read the rest

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4th July Release for 1st Issue of FREE mini-mag

4th July Release for 1st Issue of FREE mini-mag

3D Art Direct Sample Layout : Includes Issuu controls for navigating the magazine

Here’s a taster of our first issue of the free mag, showing the style of a two page spread. It will be hosted by issuu.com, a superb and quality site for on-line magazines. It’s worth having a browse of the free content of their other publications there.… Read the rest

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3D Digital Artist? We'd like to hear from you.

If you are a 3D artist and would like your work promoted in our magazine, we would like to hear from you. Our focus is on 3D digital artwork that tells a story, particularly in the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres. If your work is featured we would love to understand your inspiration for the images you have created and any story that your images are portraying.

Our first free mini mag (and also premium content magazine) will be released on the 4th of July, so sign up to get the free mini mag before the release date and you’ll see an example of the content we are aiming to publish.

We also offer commission on images sold through our on-line store as glossy posters. If you’d like to sell your work through us, then let us know and we would be pleased to promote your work in this way as well. See www.3dArtDirect.com for the on-line poster store.

Best regards

Paul Bussey
3D Art Direct… Read the rest

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Free 3D Digital Art Mini Magazine

With an ailing BBC Micro B computer and a short textbook on 3D geometry, I created a crude wire mesh landscape—my first 3D digital world slowly rendered into being in 1986.

Despite the graphical simplicity, the notion of creating any landscape from scratch, albeit empty of any detail, was greatly appealing.  Perhaps it was all those wire frame flight simulators written for the 8 bit processors of the day that inspired me. Or was it the 1983 release of the landmark Atari “Star Wars” 3D vector graphics game that first sparked my imagination? “How did they do that?” I asked. “Could I fit one in my bedroom?” I also asked. Luckily the game was ported to the 8 bit computer world soon after it’s release.

Nowadays 3D graphics pervade our media. The hardware and software  to create realistic looking 3D artwork  has come within the reach  of many more of us.  Bryce , using fractal geometry, appeared in 1994 for the Apple Mac and was a quantum leap forward for digital artists.  It was an impressive tool for creating realistic landscapes with the kernel created by Ken Musgrave (who later created Mojoworld).

Our free mini magazine  is designed to inspire and stimulate with the world of 3D digital art.… Read the rest

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