Artwork inspiration from Frank Herbert’s Dune

We are very pleased to feature the popular DeviantArt artist Angelitoon (Angel Alonso) with his wonderful sci-fi imagary produced in Autodesk 3Ds Max.

His full interview will be featured in issue 14 of the mag, but here’s an excerpt that will give you an idea of where some of his inspirations lie. He has a long standing background in the CGI industry and provides some interesting points on his work, as well as strengths and weaknesses of the software packages he uses.

We’ll also be featuring extraordinary digital artist and retro-entrepreneur Bradley Schenck and Simon Beer (tiff66) from Renderosity who’ll be bringing a definite Halloween flavour with his eye catching portfolio.


3DAD: Welcome to 3D Art Direct. Tell us a little about your self – Where you’re from, where you live, and your roots in art.
AA: I was born in San Sebastian (Spain), 44 years ago. I started professionally 25 years ago in a small 2D animation study.
During this time I have worked on every kind of job, from preproduction (director, artistic director, storyboards, conceptual design, colour designer…) to production 2D and 3D (animation, modelling, matte paint) and even post production (compositing and effects).
3DAD: As you made the transition from traditional illustration into 3D art what was your biggest challenge?
AA:  Without any doubt, my biggest challenge was the learning in itself. When I started to work digitally there weren’t any free tutorials and there wasn’t any kind of internet access.
Computers worked with 8/16 mb of Ram and hard disks had a capacity of 128/256mbI didn’t even fully understand – what was this 3D thing?!
3DAD: There are some strong sci-fi and fantasy influences in your work including Frank Herbert’s Dune and J R Tolkien. Talk about your attraction to these genres and how it comes out in your work.
AA: Working in TV and cinema, my influences were from this direction. I have always loved sci-fi cinema and 80’s comic masters. I have always loved sci-fi/fantasy comics and books. Tolkien was one of my favourite authors since the beginning. However, I discovered the Dune story from the movie and read the book later. It’s an amazing movie adaption and book, in equal ways for different reasons.
3DAD: A marvel of scope and scaling from your gallery is the Dune ATREIDES piece. The expanse of this image must’ve been a true challenge. Tell us about how this piece unfolded and the process it took to bring it to fruition.
AA: Dune deeply marked me. I remember that, when I saw it for the first time with some friends, I was the only one that liked it. My friends thought that it was too niche but it was that peculiarity that captivated me.
Ever since Dune, I have loved to do personal versions of imagery from this story that has caught my attention.
3DAD: Who are some of your earlier art influences?
AA: Some of my first influences came from American comics from the 80’s and 90’s. There was Frazzeta, Berni Writhgson, Corben, Boris Vallejo, Juan Gimenez, and Oscar Chichoni. I must also recognise that there are current incredible authors that are jaw dropping.
The internet has democratised information and given universal access to it. It has helped a lot of people to learn fast and become great artists. I wish it had existed when I started!

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2 Responses to Artwork inspiration from Frank Herbert’s Dune

  1. Rob Caswell October 24, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    Great to see you sharing some background and perspectives, here. Your Dune Atreides piece is quite memorable! I remember the impact it made when I first saw you post it. A real sense of elegant sci-fi majesty to it.

  2. Arthur Dorety April 19, 2012 at 1:52 am #

    I’m so glad this is all back. I was quite disapointed at you ending all this, but I can understand the work and frustration, especially with hackers. Sorry I’m off subject. This was an interesting and insightful interview, as I’m a Herbert fan and Dune fan. Welcome back.

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