3DAD 033 : Anime figures in Poser and Daz Studio – development of STAR by Lady Littlefox


In this session of the 3D Art Direct podcast, we interview Regina LaGrone also known as Lady Littlefox.

She’s an experienced 3D content developer for Poser and Daz Studio. Her strengths are in character and costume designs including contemporary, fantasy and  cartoon styles. She is skilled in all stages of content development and has modelled in Modo, Lightwave, XSI and ZBrush. She is at present a freelance developer and beta tester for Smith Micro software and has successfully run her own business of Lady LittleFox Studios for at least 16 years.

Anime characters have a strong following, so producing a popular DAZ Studio/Poser character that has created a whole mini market of content to go with the figure is no mean feat! Littlefox goes though the design aspects of her anime character and what inspired her along the way.

In this Session

– The origins of Littlefox Designs, how it started some of the earliest design highlights.

– Beta testing for over 8 years at Smith Micro for Poser and Anime Studio. Have you been able to initiate some good changes or fixes during this time?

– One of your earlier experiences in work was being a 3D Avatar specialist – what did this involve?

– The foundations of STAR.

– Key design objectives for the STAR anime figure.

– How flexible and smooth motion are significant aspects of STAR and how these are accomplished.

– The advantages of facial rigging built into STAR.

– Future content from Littlefox Studios

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      1. Session 33


STAR figure by Lady Littlefox

Runtime DNA STAR – best selling content for STAR

Littlefox’s Inspiration for STAR

Princess Serenity “Was always a huge inspiration”
Hatsune Miku or Miku Miku “That’s where the vocaloid it started from”
Winx Club and their off shoots are a refining of the style
And most recently Monster High

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