3DAD 032 : WorldCreator – Create Professional Terrains with Erosion and Sediments

This is session 32 of the 3D Art Direct podcast talking with Stefan Kraus on WorldCreator, a professional terrain generator including sophisticated erosion and sediment algorithms.

I would like to introduce Stefan Kraus, owner of Bite the Bytes started in 2007, a company based in Fulda, Germany that offers three tools for digital artists – “Terrain SDK”, “Shader Tool” and “World Creator” – formerly known as GeoControl and it is “World Creator” that we are going to focus on with this interview with Stefan.

World Creator Terrain Generator

In this session we learn:-

– How long has WorldCreator been around – when was it first created and by whom?  What inspired the original author to bring this software to life?

– Some terrain generators can have appear to have a steep looking learning curve with a node based user interface to cope with. Is WorldCreator different and easier to use in this respect?

– WorldCreator uses Isolines to build landscapes. What is an Isoline and what advantages do they have in controlling the form of the landscape?

–  “controlled rivers” and the tools to create various water bodies.

– WorldCreator has the ability to have landscapes eroded or even have “reverse erosion”

– The simulation of sediments in WorldCreator is unique to terrain generators.

– New developments for WorldCreator in the pipeline for this year.

Download this Session

      1. Session32.mp3


BiteTheBytes website

World Creator overview on YouTube

Free Tools and Content for 3D Artists

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  1. Allen1 March 21, 2015 at 9:27 pm #

    Thank you for the Podcast with WorldCreator and for the shout out, Stefan. Looking forward to the nodal interface as one can only imagine the additional power behind the possibilities of the coming nodes.

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