3DAD 028 : Discussion on Ralph McQuarrie’s Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek Illustrations with John Scoleri

In this session, we are talking again with long time associate and supporter of Ralph McQuarrie and his work, John Scoleri. Find out in Session 25 of the podcast how John became involved in meeting and helping to promote Ralph’s work.

John Scoleri

John Scoleri

Ralph McQuarrie was the concept artist for a number of strong iconic movies aside from Star Wars, including – Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, raiders of the lost ark, E.T., the 1978 Battlestar Galactica series and Star Trek’s “Planet of the Titans” film which was cancelled at the script stage.  I mention these examples since not everyone is aware of the impact that Ralph had outside of the Star Wars arena and a new book that John Scoleri and Stan Stice hopes to publish called “The Art of Ralph McQuarrie : Archives Art book showcases the best work of Ralph’s career throughout.

John has created a Kickstarter campaign for this unique book, so take a look at the video on Kickstarter.com that will give a preview of the artwork that is likely to be included in the book. Searching for Ralph McQuarrie will get you to that particular campaign.

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In this session we learn:-

– John Scoleri’s Kickstarter campaign video providing a wide range of Ralph’s work that will probably be included in the forthcoming book.

– We discuss a few examples from the wide body of Ralph’s work throughout his career.

– When the first concepts of Battlestar Galactica were first put down on paper.

– How did Ralph McQuarrie first get involved with doing the concept paintings for Ralph McQuarrie and how long did he work for the show.

– What were some of the early designs of the Battlestar Galactica like and how do they differ from the basic shape we know today?

– The concepts of the Cyclon Base Star and Raider ships that Ralph helped develop?

– Ralph’s work on Star Trek. “Planet of the Titans” was a film that was unfortunately cancelled at scripting stage before Star Trek Phase II was considered, including the triangular shaped federation star ship design.

– The “Battlestar Galactica 35th Anniversary Portfolio” icollectable book.

– The gifts up for grabs depending on what is pledged for this Kickstarter campaign

Resources and Links mentioned in this podcast

Dreams and Visions Press

The Art of Ralph McQuarrie: ARCHIVES Art Book Kickstarter campaign


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