3DAD 027 : Interview with Dax Pandhi from QuadSpinner – Developing Cool Tools for Vue and World Machine

We are excited to interview Dax Pandhi, founder of QuadSpinner, who talks with us about his life in the real as well as the virtual world, and how he sees the user experience as paramount in creating tools for digital environments.

Helios for Vue

Matt Conway, Matter Painter and Concept Artist for “Game of Thrones, “The Avengers”, and “Avatar” has said:-

“I was unable to make the class in person, but picked up a copy of the DVD, and I also Dax’s book, Realism in VUE. Dax, in my opinion, is the single authority on VUE. He explains in a clear and easy-to-understand manner how to get the most out of VUE, and how to create ultra-realistic scenes with the shortest render times possible.

QuadSpinner has done all the hours of research so you don’t have to. You no longer have to spend hours of your time tinkering with sliders and wondering how it will effect the scene. As a matte painter, I use VUE often to help create my environments – and QuadSpinner has been an invaluable resource in this regard. ”

Download the podcast episode:-

      1. http://traffic.libsyn.com/3dartdirect/Session27.mp3

You can find out more about Dax and his work here:-



Dax Pandhi

In this interview with Dax we learn:-

– How he started using computers as a very young child.

– His experiences working with Microsoft and how usability affects his vision.

– The importance of travel and experiences in different environments.

– His views on how tools can enhance creation of natural environments

– The members of the QuadSpinner team.

– A peek into some of his current and future projects, including an exciting exclusive!


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