3DAD 018 : Vue Animation with Michel Rondberg & Drea Horvath from D&D Creations

In this session, we get behind the scenes of D&D Creations and learn how this powerful partnership of Drea Horvath and Michel Rondberg was created. Many people in the Vue community will have heard of least one of these names, so you can discover more about this partnership in this session, what they did in their early years to get to the level of success they have achieved now.


Even they are suprised how fast they have got involved in commercial and non-commercial productions of bigger studios in a relatively short time. It’s been only since the start of the year since they officially launched their services, but during their first few months they has already worked on a cinematic trailer, a historical animation, and building scenes for a big commercial 3D projection mapping project.

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If you have considered animation in Vue or are trying to improve or optimise your animation work in Vue, Make a note of this live webinar event in your diaries which will be on the 3rd and 4th of August; the first weekend in August. It’s entitled “Animating Nature” and the URL to book a webinar seat is 3dartlive.com/vueanimation, so we hope to see you there or take advantage of the recording.

The MasterClass webinar event is recommended to Vue users from intermediate to professional level. If your goal is to become a professional, if you’re already in the industry, or if you’re just interested in learning to animate the digital nature, these webinars are suitable for you!

Check out this animation teaser to see what kind of effects you can achieve with animating nature in Vue.

BONUS!!! – If you register for our MasterClasses, you will get an exclusive 50% discount coupon for one-time use in the D&D Creations Digital Store. All MasterClass attendees will also get an exclusive 3D content to download.

In this podcast session we learn:-

– Recommendations of what the latest versions of Vue can offer, especially to newer artists.
– How Drea and Michel were introduced to 3D landscape art.
– How Michel released his own album at 15!
– How Drea was invited to provide the cover artwork for 3D World issue 156.
– Optimising animation in Vue


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