3DAD 015 : Directing the Sci-Fi Series Nobility : Interview with Pioneering Digital Film Maker Neil Johnson

In this session we continue to follow the progress of the sci-fi series project CAS Nobility which is actively pitching for crowd sourced funding on the Kickstarter.com website. Go to Kickstarter.com and just search for nobility and take a look at the videos describing the project, which feature E.J. Del La Pena, the creator of the Nobility project and also the director Neil Johnson. They are offering all kinds of goodies to those who donate to the project. We interview both E.J. and Neil in this session, with an emphasis on Neil’s directing role and past achievements.


Taken from the second VFX promotional reel created by Lightworks, a visual effects company based in Germany headed by Tobias Richter.

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E.J. De la Pena is an Actor/Film Maker with more than 20-years experience in the entertainment industry. He’s been a child actor who has earned dozens of credits – including projects like Jingle All The Way and Boy Meets World. He is now the president and founder of the film production company Cowboy Errant!

Neil Brook Johnson (July 26, 1967) is a British film and music video producer, director, and editor best known for his long association with heavy metal band Manowar, and for directing and writing Science Fiction Films. Neil is regarded as a pioneer in digital film-making. He has to his credit over 20 years experience in the industry including 6 feature films and 500 music videos.

Highlights of Neil’s career

– The youngest paid director in Australia

– Demons In My Head (1997) is reputed to be the world’s first digital film

– His second film, To Become One (2000) was produced for exactly $2,196 [5] as proof that you do not need money to make a successful film

– In 2008, he made Humanity’s End, a film about the last man in the universe being hunted down to extinction by a race of beings known as the Nephilim. In fact, all his films take place in the same universe and all contain Nephilim as characters dominating mankind


– 20 years experience

– 6 feature films

– 500 music videos

– 5000 productions

– Specialising in music/sci-fi/drama

In this podcast we learn…

– The latest news on the creation of the Nobility series
– What attracted Neil to working on Nobility
– Neil’s commitment and work ethic as a director
– The George Lucas connection!

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