3DAD 011 : How to Sell Digital Art Content – Interview with Clint Hawkins from YUR Digital

This session we have a fantastic interview with Clint Hawkins, who is the CEO of YUR Digital, a content marketplace website that also offers a forum and art gallery for digital artists. Clint offers a great deal of support for content creators selling in the YUR digital store.

YUR hosts regular competitions and there is one running right now with the theme “twisted”. This has a first prize of “Filter Forge Professional 3” software.


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With over 30 years of experience in the computer and digital art industry Clint Hawkins leads the daily operations of YURdigital. Clint’s extensive and stable work history includes 17 years as a computer engineer for Data General, three years as a Systems Administrator with S1, 10 years with Bondware and three years as a successful business owner and eBay Power Seller.While at Bondware Clint worked his way up from a volunteer Moderator, Product Tester, to Market Place Manager.

He played an integral part of the successful and rapid growth of the Renderosity digital art marketplace. He has an intimate knowledge of what it takes to grow this type of business from the ground up. Most recently Clint spent 8 months assisting RunTimeDNA with their day-to-day operations expanding his experience, knowledge base and exemplary reputation. His technical background, business experience with two digital art brokerage sites and his own business, combined with his positive reputation put him in a position to make YURdigital the place to get exceptional digital art content from extraordinary digital artists.

This session includes:-

  • How Clint provides a continuous stream of wise and useful quotations for his Facebook followers!
  • Some of Clint’s early experiments with digital art applications,
  • Clint’s involvement with  Renderosity and what he learned as he helped successfully grew the market place.
  • How YUR Digital was started and some of the early hurdles when setting up the  company.
  • What helps YUR Digital stand apart from other content market places. How Clint helps the content providers feel valued,
  • Clint outlines the steps for a new seller who wants to start selling digital art content.
  • The marketing successes of Clint’s wife Lillian who is the marketing director at YUR Digital.
  • The role of Baron Thomas Von Buettner, who is the YUR-Roving Reporter in the Visual Effects motion picture industry.

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  1. Chikako March 2, 2013 at 12:35 am #

    Great interview, Clint!

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