3DAD 010 : Poser Expo Conference and Interview with Syyd from Runtime DNA


“Oxygen” textures & shaders by Syyd providing natural skin

RuntimeDNA is a large digital community in the 3D Poser industry. It provides a wide selection of digital content and provides a great learning environment for its members with a very active forum who are from all over the world. A large user art gallery also reflects the vibrant community. The store boasts over 2500 products with more than 100 content creators!

Syyd Raven is an award winning 3D artist who began the journey of creating this community back in 2001, with Colm Jackson and Eric Van Dycke. 3D Art Direct is very pleased to have just interviewed Syyd for this tenth session of our podcast.

You can download the podcast 

      1. here


The updated and rebuilt version of Vanilla Sky with all new SSS shaders

In this interview we learn:-

  • How Syyd delighted in sketching from an early age and her first efforts at digital art.
  • What has improved the most from Syyd’s perspective in the current Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012 versions for texture artists.
  • Why and how Runtime DNA started and what were some of the early challenges when Runtime started.
  • The strengths of the international staff at Runtime.
  • How the Runtime DNA community has evolved over the years.
  • The story of how her top two products were created and brought to market.

In association with Runtime DNA, we are creating a live conference for the Poser community, called “Poser Expo: Runtime Live”. This will be a set of webinars held over the weekend of 22nd to the 24th of March.

You can sign up now to our mailing list at 3D Art Live to learn more about this conference and gain entrance to an introductory free webinar where you’ll meet some top artists from the Poser world as well as meeting live with fellow Poser users. This introductory session will give you a chance to experience the same webinar environment which we will use for the main conference.


Poser Expo : Runtime Live is by and for the Poser community. It will feature a spectaclular set of ten webinars with some familiar names presenting essential content that will raise your artwork to the next level.

For the first time, you will be meeting top artists and fellow forum members in a live setting. You’ll be able to immediately engage with them through live chat and audio.

Live webinars will allow you to rapidly understand the Poser applications. Learning is deeper and accelerated in comparison to other forms of absorbing content online. Recordings of each of our webinars are available for the attendee to go over the video and audio again to pick up something that may have been missed.

You’ll get a direct and quick connection to an expert artist, rather than getting to know them through a manual or blog post. It’s the next best thing to meeting a skilled artist in person.

Sign up now to an introductory webinar and learn more about Poser Expo : Runtime Live.


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