3DAD 008 : Creating 3D Models for Games : Interview with Shaun Williams

My interview this session is with Shaun Williams, who is the king of mass space model production, creating numerous models for the various games software he has worked on through the 20 years of his career.

After listening to the interview, I’d love to know your successes in creating models for games.

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In association with this I have been reading today that there has been a noteworthy article from the U.K.’s The Independent newspaper announcing that the Museum of Modern Art in New York has publically supported computer games as a form of art. This of course includes 3D games. There has been a lively debate over the last decade of whether games can be described as art. With this announcement from this prestigous New York art museum, then it looks official, that games can be described as art!

Visitors to the Museum of Modern Art will soon see Pac-Man displayed alongside Andy Warhol and Picasso. Initially there are 14 video games, including the iconic Pac-Man, Eve on-line and Myst (Chuck Carter interviewed in issue 12). to start off this new category in its collection.

One expert who advised the curators, said gaming could increasingly become “one of the most important” art forms.

The museum sought out scholars, historians, critics and legal experts from the computer game world to draw up a list that includes The Sims, a series which by last year had sold over 150 million copies. Art connoisseurs may raise an eyebrow as gamers will actually be able to play the titles in the gallery.

So perhaps in years to come, some of the work that my interviewee Shaun or you the listener is creating may end up in an Art Museum, with pride of place!

About Shaun Williams

Shaun has about 20 years of modelling experience – including texture/uv mapping, high and low poly modeling, real time 3d engine experience such as Unreal versions 2 and 3,  UDK, Freespace, Unity as well as years of game design experience.

He has a BA honours in games design and his passion is for games and entertainment and has a keen interest in sci-fi. He specialises in low and high poly modeling for environments, vehicles and props. He sells high quality sci-fi models online through various brokers.  He also like to design and concept sci-fi and futuristic weapons, vehicles, props and environments and has experience with animation for film and games. Over the years he has used many 2d and 3d applications dating back to delux paint on the Amiga.

Covered in this Session:-

  • Shaun has a BA honours in Games Design from UCLAN (Preston). What inspired him to take the course and what were some of the highlights. Does Shaun recommend other prospective students to take the course?
  • What is Shaun’s  preferred 3D engine?  What are some of the pros and cons of the engines he has worked with so far?
  • What is some of the more popular models Shaun sells and is it that sets them apart?
  • Shaun has created a  fictional story that includes his  ship designs as part of the narrative.
  • Shaun mentioned in his original magazine interview : “The spaceships I design are practical, functional and believable.  I make every ship look like the purpose it is designed for.”. We ask if he has a set of hurdles that he tries and put his designs through in order to get that practicality and functionality?
  • What skills are involved in creating a good low poly model, as opposed to a high polygon model?
  • One tip Shaun includes is “always think outside the box, especially with sci-fi.  Too many people are still inside the box, and to stand out a little more you have to come up with creative and imaginative new ideas and concepts.”.  How can people think out of the box to come up with more original new ideas and concepts? What do Shaun do to try and break the mould?
  • What are you working on at the moment and what are a few things you’ve learned from the project?

Action Items:-

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Shaun’s animations on YouTube

UCLAN University Games Design Degree




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  1. SolCommand December 3, 2012 at 9:12 pm #

    Now that’s a sweet ship design right there.

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