3DAD 003 : Science Fiction DAZ Studio Artist – Interview with Rob Caswell

The third session of the 3D Art Direct Podcast is here, complete with an interview with Daz Studio artist Robert Caswell.

You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. Additionally, you’ll be able to listen to this session and subscribe via iTunes.

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I’d like to introduce Rob Caswell, a DAZ 3D Studio artist who grew up during the space race and spent his time watching the Apollo moonshots as well as bat girl on TV, and then managed to avoid these distractions just enough to gain a degree in astronomy. We originally interviewed him in issue 13.

He has a popular space on DeviantArt, with the moniker as “Arcas-Art”, that includes a well written blog and gallery of renders created with DAZ 3D Studio and post processing with Photoshop.

Rob has a good grounding in multiple visual art zones, including science fiction & fantasy illustration for paper and pen RPGs, computer game art and comic book lettering.

He’s currently living in Western Massachusetts, operating a digital print business.

In the interview we cover the following topics and lots more!

– All about Star Trek mock-up Book Covers

– The Spy Girls series with Rob’s character “Cassie Blaine”.

– A drawback of 3D Digital Art is that it is easy to have a lack of focus. You can “doodle” for a long time.

– Likening 3D digital art to “virtual photography”, taking elements that already exist and use these in a unique way from the artist’s own skills and imagination

– Figure work, the more you tweak, the better your chances of imbuing a sense of life and personality.

Action Items

  • Let me know what you thought about the Podcast!
  • Post a comment if you’ve used Daz Studio for figure work – do you have a mirror to use yourself as a model for certain expressions or poses?!
  • Visit the artists above and support them with feedback at their respective galleries.

Some of Rob’s Portfolio… 


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