3D Art Direct Podcast Session 2 : 9 Essential Composition Tips for Digital Artists and Special Offer for Poser

The second session of the 3D Art Direct Podcast is here- with improved audio quality.

You can download the podcast to your computer or listen to it here on the blog. Additionally, you’ll be able to listen to this session and subscribe via  iTunes.

Right click here to download the MP3

Click here to view or download the Session 2 Transcript


Session 2 includes Nine Essential Composition Tips for Digital Artists, such as depth, framing and cropping.

We have a special offer of a 70% reduction on the normal price of Poser version 8, where you can get the details at the end of the episode.  We include the magazine editorial on collaborative art and the promotion of those artists covered in our free monthly magazine of issue 17, including Bjorn Malmberg (Poser, Hexagaon and Vue), Ryan Malone (Poser and Vue), Lewis Moorcroft (Mojoworld) and Glenn Clovis (Photoshop).

Artists Promoted in this Session

Ryan Malone (Vue and Poser)

Bjorn Malmberg  (Vue, Poser and Hexagon)

Lewis Moorcroft (Mojoworld)

Glenn Clovis (Photoshop)

Artwork looked at in this Session


Example of Depth in Composition : Escape Velocity by Brian Christensen

Pans Labrynth by Warren Turner

Angelic Symmetry in Action by Wolfgang Sigl

Example of View Point in composition : “Kid Soldier” by Wolfgang Sigl

Unicorn Bay by Wolfgang Sigl

Action Items

  • Let me know what you thought about the Podcast!
  • Post a comment if you have been involved in a collaborative sci-fi or fantasy art project; we’d like to hear about it!
  • Visit the artists above and support them with feedback at their respective galleries.
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