3D Art Direct Magazine Issue 18 – Includes Tribute to Ray Bradbury

One minute it was Ohio winter, with doors closed, windows locked, the panes blind with frost, icicles fringing every roof, children skiing on slopes, housewives lumbering like great black bears in their furs along the icy streets.
And then a long wave of warmth crossed the small town. A flooding sea of hot air; it seemed as if someone had left a bakery door open. The heat pulsed among the cottages and bushes and children. The icicles dropped, shattering, to melt. The doors flew open. The windows flew up. The children worked off their wool clothes. The housewives shed their bear disguises. The snow dissolved and showed last summer’s ancient green lawns….”

So started the Martian Chronicles, penned by Ray Bradbury and published in 1950, at a time when Mars was still wildly thought to harbour life and the age of atom power was dominating science’s highways and byways.

Ray Bradbury was one of my favourite authors that I discovered in my teens and he left an enriching poetic mark on my then limited view of science fiction’s fascinating landscape.
With his death this week, I have to owe a few words to this wonderful author so I’ve given a brief review of  the Martian Chronicles in this month’s editorial of issue 18 of 3D Art Direct magazine.

We also have interviews and rich portfolios from four artists, using Bryce, Poser Pro, Photoshop, Gimp, Hexagon, Diardsoftware’s universe, Nik Colour EFX pro 4, Truespace, Photoshop and Mojoworld.

Interview : Ali Ries
“I still approach each artwork as if I were making it just for me. I have fun and it is not work. If someone likes it and wants to use it in a movie or a book cover, then that is a bonus to me. I would have made the art anyway. “

Interview : Suzi Amberson
“I make it a point to view at least 50 to 100 new images a day to spark my imagination…”

Interview: Mirek Drozd
“Most important is the atmosphere of mystery and the unknown in my artwork.”

Interview: Christian Beyer

“In my opinion, Gimp is a fantastic tool for image editing. It offers all the features included that I need. It is easy to use and – it’s free!”

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3D Art Direct Issue 18

3D Art Direct: 3D Art Direct Issue 18

3D digital arts magazine with interviews and portfolios of digital artists from around the world. Editorial: Tribute to Ray Bradbury. Interviews with Ali Ries, Suzi Amberson, Mirek Drozd and Christian Beyer. Software covered by our artists:- Poser Pro…

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