Melissa Krauss Interview

This month’s premium edition of the 3D Art Direct Magazine, out on Sunday the 29th of August, will feature a popular Poser artist, Melissa Krauss.  

Melissa has been involved with the internet from the beginning. Her specialty has been creating artwork that features well defined and striking female characters. Her artwork Influences include text based role-playing games and the natural environment of the forest. Here’s a segment from the interview:-

3DAD: It’s great to see many well defined female characters in your work, have you helped inspire other women in digital art because of this?
MK:I truly hope so. You see so many female characters in stereo-typical fantasy art settings, but so few with true depth.
3DAD: You have a category of “angels” in your Deviant art gallery with some fantastic imagery– what’s the influence in creating so many angel figures?
MK: I have always been a spiritual person, but not particularly religious. Angels, specifically archangels, are one of the mystical creatures that fascinate me. I have heard them described as both terrible and beautiful, having envisioned them that way myself.  That is such an elusive, ethereal combination to try and capture in an image. I feel as if I never quite capture it, so I feel compelled to keep trying. I feel that the closest I have come to that is with “Heaven’s Spear”.

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